• Nile Sugar was set up in 2007 to build, operate and manage a beet root sugar extraction plant and refinery. The plant is located in Nubariyah, along the Alexandria desert road, 50 kilometres from the Port of Alexandria. The region is considered ideal for the cultivation of beet root with an abundance of available land. The sponsors of Nile Sugar are Mr. Onsi Sawiris & Mr. Naguib Sawiris. Project’s investment is EGP 1.63 billion
  • The company's initial crushing line has a nominal capacity of 7,000 tons of beet root per day. The plant will also have a refining capacity of 1,200 tons of raw sugar per day. By products include molasses and animal fodder. Future plans include a second crushing line and refining capacity with similar capacity at the same location
  • Nile Sugar has awarded engineering, procurement, and construction contracts to best-in-class partners, all leaders in the construction of sugar production plants worldwide including BMA, Siemens Sugar Industries, and Maguin
  • Project’s investment cost is EGP 1.63 billion.
  • The company is a fully functioning organization with a strong management team, 700 employees.
  • Nile Sugar has completed its first season with the production of 75,000 tons of white sugar of the highest grade and quality, mostly around the 40 ICUMSA color, which is considered one of the best in Egypt. The production came through the processing of 536,000 tons of beet on 33,000 Acres, which was grown by Nile Sugar agricultural department and delivered successfully to the factory through the orchestration of Nile Sugar’s central logistics, which controlled the contractors trucks at an average of 250 trucks delivered a day. Nile Sugar products are among the highest quality in Egypt, Nile Sugar was able to supply the likes of Coca Cola, Heinz, Hero, Nestle…. etc
  • The company aims to deal with a wide-ranging of farmers in almost all parts of Egypt, with various categories and orientations and that for the following objectives: -
    • First; to contribute in the expansion of the cultivated area of Egypt, through urging farmers of reclaimed areas to grow sugar beet crop, and also by changing the way of agriculture of the old lands, which consolidate the trend of agricultural in such areas and increase its efficiency, accordingly it will bring public interest on the farmer and the company and finally on the Agricultural Policy of the country
    • Secondly; raising the living standards of the Egyptian farmers by covering part of the costs of agricultural inputs needed for cultivation of sugar beet crop. Nile Sugar Agricultural Sector, who has high levels of professionalism, will provide the farmer with
    • the latest technical agricultural advices needed throughout the period of agriculture and until the stage of the supply. Which will lead to higher living standards and knowledge of technical support to the Egyptian farmers and the achievement of social security to him as the sugar beet crop is a contractual leads to a stable economic income to the farmer.
  • As mentioned above this will generally increase the spread of sugar beet crop and contribute significantly to the increase in domestic sugar production, thus reducing the gap of which amounts between the production of sugar and the consumption in Egypt.

Nile Sugar accredited ISO 22000:2010

February 22, 2012

Nile Sugar is proud to announce obtaining the Food Safety System Certification 22000:2010