Hi, I am Mahmoud El-Sawy a production Engineer, I joined Nile Sugar in May 2009, with another 10 production engineers in the process of mass hiring for a new Sugar factory, we considered Nile Sugar an attractive employer as it offered a training program in Dakahlia sugar factory for more than 2 months once we were hired, we had the opportunity to see and learn things we never imagined, we also were granted a great opportunity by attending the commissioning of Nile Sugar factory by international experts from BMA, putsch, Maguin and senior Nile Sugar engineers; I felt lucky for that great experience which is hard to achieve in that short period of time.

What also makes Nile Sugar an attractive employer is it knows how to put talents in more challenging positions to grow within the organization, I had the opportunity to visit sugar factory in Germany for a couple of weeks as cross training, I was well prepared and finally ready for the first Beet campaign for Nile Sugar in Mar 2010 after 10 month of intensive training, defiantly Nile Sugar is a great way to boost my career, each day during the beet campaign was a new challenging day, I had the chance to develop and learn more & more, my role is to monitor different production stations, monitor the use of chemicals for cost efficiency, Managers trusted me to take any task and gave me the opportunities to grow, I feel I will stay in Nile Sugar till my retirement age, it’s a great place for me, and a great place for my future.

Nile Sugar accredited ISO 22000:2010

February 22, 2012

Nile Sugar is proud to announce obtaining the Food Safety System Certification 22000:2010